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Thanks for the reply. I'm not using clockwork mod. Can this be done using ADB. I've used ADB to push single files OK but not multiple files and folders all at once.

Thanks again.

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TnT Lite for the Viewsonic G tablet runs well on the tablet, I love the menu bar at the top, it looks amazing... BUT.. WIFI doesn't work.

I'll get onto getting WiFi working with the build and let you guys know if I get anywhere. Pulling ar6000.ko or bcm4329.ko (if available) from a Vega build and putting that in /system/lib/modules/ of the TnT Lite build should hopefully get us somewhere.

WARNING: Open the update.zip and replace boot.img with a Vega boot.img, USB Slave or USB Host, failure to do so will result in a Vega which fails to boot and fails to enter recovery and you'll have to reflash to stock using NVFLash.

TnT Lite at XDA-Developers

Any progress on getting TnT lite running? Sources are available for this kernel right? ( the Gtablet one? ) and the only problem is that the wifi won't work because its different hardware then the Vega and POV versions. Can't a working wifi driver be compiled from this : http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ar6k or this http://tegradeveloper.nvidia.com/tegra/for...thsound-working for the TnT lite rom using the Gtablet kernel sources?

Getting the Gtablet kernel running would finally give us access to CIFS

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Thanks Percy for keeping this updated, keep up the good work.

Surely there is a moderator out there who can sticky this post?

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