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Boot Loop problems

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I have searched around to try and find the answer but nothing is working.

I had my N1 replaced under warranty because the screen failed in the upper right and it was nonresponsive.

I got the N1 and booted it up and it was fine until I put my sim card in. After that, anytime it would boot it just go in a constant boot loop. It would make a noise like it got a message or email and restart. So i figured something in the OS was corrupted. Unlocked the bootloader, went to flash RA recovery and i kept getting an error saying it wouldn't flash. Got it to flash Rom manager recovery. Now this is where the problems started. It will only sometimes boot to recovery, it will never boot to the OS, but it will boot to the bootloader fine. I have flashed a Gingerbread ROM, stock ROM, nothing works.

I need some help guys!


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It's probably a LCD Nexus one which you received. There is a compatible Amon_RA recovery and roms around the usual forums (Try XDA). A quick search should provide you with all the info you'll need.

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