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Nexus S 1.2GHz kernel for the knowledgeable

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This Kernel is for the rooted stock rom. (<---Disclaimer because i will build a kernel for Sombionix' optimized Nexus S ROM after hitting SUBMIT, don't want there to be confusion later)




you may notice there is no boot.img, good, we don't need one right now, fastboot can do it on the fly just fine. (This means there won't be a update.zip for a while)

First backup your modules, do this only once to keep your stock modules around.

mkdir ~/nexussmodules

cd ~/nexussmodules

adb pull /system/modules/ .

cd ..
The following you can use to flash this and any others i might put here until mkbootimg agrees with fastboot.

adb push ~/Downloads/bcm4329.ko /system/modules/

adb shell sync

adb reboot bootloader

sleep 15

~/bin/fastboot -b 0x30000000 -n 4096 boot ~/Downloads/zImage
Pay attention to where the module and kernel are loaded from and where fastboot is called from, this is for linux hosts with adb, fastboot you can grab from the links above. Note: This boots the kernel, it does NOT flash it. When you reboot, you are on stock kernel, push back your backed up bcm4329.ko if you do not like the kernel. If you want to keep it (and why not?) change boot to flash boot in the fastboot line above. Add this to build.prop:

benchmark with governor set to "performance" before and after if you want comparable results, i forgot nexus s has default governor "ondemand", which makes results impossible to compare to a Vibrant with "conservative" governor.

This kernel on Nexus S @1.2GHz already outperformed my DoW14 for Vibrant on Nero3 rom in nenamark benchmark. neocore maxes out at 65fps, just like on Vibrant (which makes the nenamark results easier to interpret, neocore is a nice and quick way to confirm i am not limited to 56fps however)


(BTW, this is not a finished product, however, some may think it is worth flashing, not just booting for a giggle)

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Someone asked for a version for the modaco custom rom r3

I'll build one if I know what the rom needs in initrd to work.

Later when this is on github Paul can just grab it from there.

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