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Newbie on Huawei U8110 and android

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Hi evrybody and a Happy New year.

Back ground

During my last trip to China I bought a Huawei U8110 (it should be the same as T-Mobile pulse-mini). This works perfect and well in China (if you can read Chinese).

In China I am using a simcard from China Mobile.

In Denmark I am using 3G simcards from Lebara and 3 and the phone as such work OK except that I can not access Android Market, and I can not install apps like google maps (but Internet, WiFi, e-mail and GPS works OK.)

I can only download those apps i have access to through the chinese programs.

Now The questions:

Where can I read/learn how the android works?

Where can I learn of the different layeres in Android )(Kernel, intermidiate and apps layers etc.)?

And the most important question:

Where can I get instructions (for Newbies) of how to change from the China Mobile software (kernel or application layer) to e.g. T-Mobile software.?

My background

I am very experinced in Pascal and Delphi programming as well as web programming so I should be able to learn the mechanics of Android.

Best regards,


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for the pre-installed ROM, u may check the below site for other ROMs


it used to have many different countries ROM, or you may try the custom ROM.

for the Android Market, were you able to access Android Market while in China?

may be you didn't provide the GMAIL account to log in to the Android Market... my wild guess.

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Many counties do not yet have an actual working android market. Try flashing a T-Mobile ROM, like TCT (The Celestial Teapot), or another.

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