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Backup before doing any changes?

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I got my Vodafone (Germany) Branded HTC Desire HD today.

Software information:

Android-Version: 2.2

Baseband-Version: 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_M

Kernel-Version: [email protected] #1 Thu Oct 28 13:24:11 CST 2010

Build-Number: CL278886 release keys



Unfortunately there's no RUU for this branded version available, so i want to know is there any possibility to do any kind of backup (maybe after temprooting), e.g. with dd or something like that, so that i can revert to the original state if i want / must?

If that's not possible i think i will not s-off, debrand, and all the other nice things...

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Only If you do radio-off!

With Radio-off you can after upgrade 1.75 back to 1.32 only ruu not nandroid backup :D

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My question qas how i can get back to my original Vodafone branded software, after trying out RUU 1.32.405.6, CM, ...

The problem is that there is no RUU for my Vodafone branded software available.

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