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Poor Battery life after 2.2 Update

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Hi all

Just updated my mrs SGS, and now the battery life is, well, shocking (a cruder word may be more appropriate!!). 8 Hours by any standard is pretty poor. Shes not sending/recieving many (less than 10) emails, she is checking facebook every hour, she did have an animated wallpaper, stock android smoke, but turned that off with no improvement, the main widget shes using is the MIUI Clock/weather widget as she likes it looking like sense, and she has a battery monitor widget in the notification bar, ive disabled all the widgets, tried factory reset, disabled the animated wallpapers, been on the battery usage and the display is using 98% but ive altered the brightness, backlight timeout, and nothing has improved, have any of you got any ideas on what is causing it?

Preferably staying on a stock rom as she does like the samsung touch wiz.

Please help as im getting a right ear bending about it!!!!

Many thanks


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I have to say that 2.2.1 seems to eat up battery like there is no tomorrow.

Minimal usage and it needs charging at the end of the day... it used to last about two days with the original firmware.

Seriously getting a bit peeved with Samsung! The phone still lags at times too.

I'd try the custom ROMs but I want the firmware to just work and I do like some of the Samsung Apps (ok, maybe one of them!).

So, no you aren't alone unfortunately... sorry.

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I've just bought a galaxy tab and it ran like a dog until I updated it using kies, so when I plugged in my galaxy s I was hoping for the same, in actual fact it has ruined the device. Laggy in most things except maps, email is virtually unusable, what do I need to do to either roll back to old f/w or mend it in some other way?

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Right, well, enough was enough.

After about an hour I have moved my Galaxy S to Darky's ROM 8.0. It is much better and back to the battery usage I would expect.

It's a bit of a pain to do if you have 2.2.1 already installed though. ClockworkMod Recovery update.zip, Odin 1.7 replace kernel back to 2e, then copy over Darky's ROM .zip to SDCard and then boot into ClockworkMod Recovery and format phone and wipe cache, install Darky's ROM .zip.

It is worth it I think. The phone is much more responsive. Memory is still used up but I have lots more installed! No lag I've noticed and 50% battery left after one day since charge - with 2.2.1 it would be flat now.

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i flashed mine to 2.2.1 using the kies patching method from the xda forum and my battery is fine

it goes several days without charging - flashed the mrs's sgs as well - same story.. sorry to hear about your troubles

post 6 on http://android.modaco.com/content/samsung-...are-i9000xxjpy/ is how i did mine..

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