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[SOLVED - Can be deleted] HTC Desire HD keeps switching off. Modaco r2 rom

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It's started to get on my tits now so I thought I'd give posting something on here a try. I've had the rom installed ever since the downgrade from 1.72 was possible and yesterday the phone started switching off randomly.

It happened while I was on the fone just now and I noticed that the call ends first (with a beep) then a few seconds later it turns off. It happens while its in my pocket or scrolling a menu or just after unlocking the screen bla bla.

However during last night it hadn't turned off because the phone has been on when I wake up. I know I should probably get around to maybe clean installing it again but I was hoping someone knows of anything specific like a certain process or whatever that's causing this. Oh and I have tried fixing permissions a few times now.

;) Peace

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SOLVED - Can be deleted.

Phone started working fine after updating a few apps. I don't know which app was causing the problem but these are the apps that were updated. My guess is Widgetsoid2.x was the suspect.

- doubleTwist Player

- ES File Explorer

- Widgetsoid2.x

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