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[Solved] Help with Corporate (Exchange) setup problem.

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I got my Nexus S today after 18 months with an HTC Hero, and a couple with my (rooted/flashed) Orange San Francisco that I use as a work phone, so, although I'm new to the 'S' I'm pretty well used to Android (1.5/1.6/2.1/2.2). I've set up HTC Exchange on the Hero, and Android's native Exchange/Corporate accounts over and over again with each flash/upgrade without any trouble, but I'm stuck with the setup on the Nexus...

As my account login/name is not my email address, and the mail server's FQDN has a prefix that doesn't appear in our email addresses either, the automatic Exchange/Corporate setup always fails and I just take the "manual setup" option, add the correct details and all is well. That option seems to have vanished from the 2.3.1 version of the Client/Account setup so I can't connect to the server to sync my contacts/calendar back down. If I use my correct email address, the setup wizard rightly points out my user name / password is wrong.

I can connect if I set my email address to <accountname>@<prefix>.<domain>.com, because evidently, that lets the 'S' find the server, and I can then correct my AD details as usual and connect/sync okay. But, I won't be able to send mail because I the email address I used was "wrong" and I can't find a way to edit it.

Does anyone know if it's possible to either create the account manually, or maybe copy the details over from my San Fran, or even correct the "wrong" email address that I used to connect to the Exchange server?

Many thanks in advance


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I managed to sort out the issue, and, although it comes from my strange circumstances I thought I'd post my solution in case it helps anybody else.

The problem seems to be that because the version of the Account Setup process on the device was getting a reply from autodiscover.domain.com even though my account lives on devplatform.domain.com, it assumed my username / password was the only problem and sat in a loop patiently waiting for me to correct the mistake. Other versions I've used have not assumed it was a authentication problem and given you the whole manual setup dialogs so it's been possible to steer the device to the correct server.

We have autodiscover for the dev platform, and as soon as I added a host file entry to point autodiscover.domain.com to the IP address of devplatform.domain.com the process completed successfully.

I did have to oem unlock and root the device to get access to push the updated file back onto it which is a shame really, because I had been planning to see how long I could last before I gave in and started flashing ROMs... ;)

This has been a (minority) public information broadcast...


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