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Unable to get unlock code

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I have just bought a brand new desire HD off ebay and it's locked to T-mobile Uk.

I just signed up with giffgaff so need the phone unlocking, htccode.com tells me the phone is so new the unlocking code is not in any database yet.

What other choices do I have ?

Would routing the device, if it's possible be of any help to me ?

Android 2.2

Baseband version: 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_M


Build: CL28886 release keys



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Hi, yes there is a method to change the settings in the radio module from a particular CID to a "SuperCID" which allows the phone to work on any network. I followed this guide on XDA-Developers and had no problems, just be aware you do so at your own risk and should read into it before making any changes to your phone :lol:

I can't find the thread at the moment but when I do I'll add it here later.

EDIT: Found it! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=857537

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Thanks again, it worked, now unlocked :lol:

One thing though, the signal to my home wifi is now poor where as before it was mostly excellent ?

I've now also installed Rom Manager and CWM, I'm correct in assuming I can now load a stock or custom rom ?


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