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Tearing hair out!

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Ok I am not blaming anyone else but myself for this mess but it is frustrating in the extreme.

I am not totally new to a bit of modding and can usually follow instructions and eventually get myself out of bother but this Galaxy Tab is grinding me down and I am losing the will to continue with it.

My story runs like this. I bought an unlocked Galaxy Tab with the intention of trying out Pauls ROM. I had one on launch day and although i liked it, it could have been so much better so I was really looking forward to a few custom ROMS.

So I use Pauls new kernel and then his ROM and all was well...it was running much better than before and I was very pleased with the progress...then out of the blue for reasons I wont go into I had to sell it so wanted to put it back to stock. This is where the problems started. I installed a stock ROM and was looking into ways of returning the kernel to stock and things went rapidly downhill.

I am pretty sure I have installed a ROM with a protected bootloader but have been tearing my hair out as I cant get the patch to work. Its not the patch itself but the apk. I have installed it and see its icon but it crashes every time I try to use it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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