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Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 problem

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i've installed Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 on my Blade phone (2.1 update 1 ) with clockwork & i did wipe data/cache before installing.

i got problems.

1- Phone dosen't read sim contacts or import from sim card" there is no contacts on sim card " although the phone calls are totaly normal i can still call and receive calls/sms/mms.

2- Reading sms from sim card dosen't work at all.

3- Any program dealing with sim card can't acess the sim.

4- Application menu are slower than ver 2.1. you need to scroll up and down 3 times at least to feel that the animation work smooth again.

-search online for the problem and all the answers was just talking about useing sim card while installing but i did already.

- try to set the animation to fast and still same.

- done restart to the phone many time after installation and nothing change.

now i restore my ver 2.1 all work fine .. sim card and contacts working normal.

any ideas?


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Doesn't solve your problems but just as added info...

I think the SIM Card access problems you refer to apply to many 2.2 ROMS not just JJ, I had the same probs on various.

I'm currently on JJ9 and I haven't had the same problem with the application menu

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