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Amazon UK

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Welcome to 'Paul's Featured Apps', where I pick one of my favourite apps as featured app of the day! Today's app is...

Amazon UK

What they say

The Amazon App allows customers to search, shop, compare prices, read reviews and make a purchase on Amazon.co.uk, right from their mobile device. It also allows customers to scan a barcode for instant details on pricing and availability. Amazon customers have full access to their existing basket, wish lists, payment and shipping options, order history, 1-Click settings and Prime membership benefits. Purchases made through the Amazon App are routed through Amazon's secure servers just as they are on the web. All prices are in £, and show products from the UK Amazon store.
The Amazon App for Android gives customers a fast and easy way to:
• Compare prices from Amazon and other merchant partners to those in the store when shopping
• Shop for the full selection of products available from Amazon.co.uk and complete a secure purchase on-the-go
• Browse product images and read customer reviews anywhere, anytime
• Track the status of a recently-placed order right from a mobile device
• Scan a barcode to instantly access product details, pricing and availability (for devices with autofocus cameras)
Requires devices running Android OS 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2

What we say

A new benchmark for online store applications? It's been a bit of a wait but wow, the Amazon app rocks. Barcode scanning, order tracking, a great UI, wish lists, cross device basket... it's awesome.


Take Pictures And Videos / Full Internet Access / Read Phone State And Identity


View at the Android Market website.

Direct Market Link (for on device)

View on Android Market


To use, install 'Barcode Scanner' from the Android Market.




Market star rating at time of writing

4.5 (164 ratings)

Version at time of writing


Similar / Alternative apps


Suggested improvements for the next version


Have your say

Fan of Amazon UK? Found something better? Just wanna share your experiences? Post below! :P

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