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Hi Please advice how to get to tohodle:

You need to follow this step (

1st 1st type: * # 1546792 * # Type: * # 1546792 * #

2nd 2nd choose "Internal" to select "Internal"

3rd 3rd Type pwd and * # 0807 # type as pwd: * # 0807 #

4th 4th Choose WiFi MAC address (Whatever You Want, it maybe the Same One You Have in Other mobile But it Will Be Impossible to Use Them Together in the Same moment to connect to WiFi) to select the WiFi MAC address (what you want, it's probably the same you have other mobile services, but they can be used together at the same time to connect to wifi)

5th 5th type pwd: 1234 Type pwd: 1234

6th 6th Set MacAdress Set MacAdress

7th 7th Execute Execute

It works. It works. Of Course You to It On Your Own Risk. Obviously it at your own risk

I would have solved this problem with a mac address,thanks ONDEROS.

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What are you trying to do and what device are you writing about?

You start your post with a question then follow with some stange instructions.

Some of the *# commands only work on certain devices.

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may be he need to do something with mac address , may be edit or something ,

but couldn't get what he want to convey

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