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2.3 based on CM7 aka swiftdroid project

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Do you really think, if we got factory update, mureik cant able to make a far better custom rom? Kernel, libs and modules come from 2.1, stability, battery, call processing, audio, codecs, power usage problems... we need proper factory update... And dont forget when your battery suddenly die, because phont cant step into suspend mode...

So we need an official update. Please support us!

We Want Android 2.3.4 for GT540

Im 100% sure LG wont release a 2.3.4 update :P creating a fb group and asking for it wont change a thing, but oh well... Nothing bad gonna happen if you try, so good luck for that :rolleyes:

And sorry for negative comment im just being realist <_< Creating a ROM demands funds, LG are too busy releasing new phones and creating/updating roms for already newly released phones which are 2.2 and upper, GT540 will soon go away from the market itself, couse it seems theres is no point to keep it anymore, LG P500 and GT540 and almost the same specs and price, but P500 have better screen and processor to support Flash. Excuse me to make this sad, but GT540 is long forgotten by LG and the Updates to 2.3 or more wont gonna happen, simply becouse it demands alot of funds and time to pay for developers and becouse our phone is long forgotten, processor cant handle flash, screen dont have multi-touch and soon will be out of market. The P500 or i should say Optimus One as most people call it have almost the same price, same specs that GT540, but better processor which can handle flash a multi-touch screen and an update to 2.3 soon :( Also LG Support has already confirmed like thousand times that there will never ever be an update for GT540 to Froyo, Gingerbread or upper....

Also i noticed half of the groups posts are Hungarian, why ? i thought this movement you doing was international not Hunagarian/English, so i think it would be thousand times better if you would post in English only.

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Im 100% sure LG wont release a 2.3.4 update ....

Also i noticed half of the groups posts are Hungarian,

Yea? We have a plan. Wait 4 instructions. We need more members from all country where this phone sold. :P And why problem the hungarian posting? Everyone allowed to post local language. If you write a good article in persian language, i post it. :rolleyes:

We Want Android 2.3.4 (official update) for GT540 - Join us!

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