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rom and update experts? problem

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I have a hero that was once on Orange, about a year ago I did the root stuff and upgraded to the custom rom that was on this site at the time.

Yesterday I thought, I would update the phone, so I wend to the link above and done the nadroid backup and then loded flashed the rom from the bootloader image.

Got loads of errors and the thing kept jamming! so I thought, grrrrr just go for it and do a hard reset! so I did this, setup all my stuff again and it all worked fine.

I have noticed there is an update in the about phone, system software update.

I have tried to load this but get the following,

its system upgrade 3.32.405.2 (5.87mb)

when I load it I get this,

Build ra-hero v1.5.2

E: no signature(235 files)

varification failed.

In about phone software, my phone says this,


2.1-update 1

build 3.32.405.1

software number MoDaCo Custom Rom r5 for the hero.

Phone is on 3 UK

So what do I need to do for this update? please.

Kind regards.

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A similar problem to me:

Got the same update for my rooted Hero. After Installation the phone stays in bootloader (stock, no modded) and do not boot.

Any ideas what to do? At the moment I do not need root if this simplifies the sollution.

Thanks a lot.


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