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Marc R.

Anyone know a music player that can shuffle over all albums ?

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I am currently searching for an android music player that can shuffle over all albums the way that it randomly selects an album plays it and after that randomly selects another albums plays it and so on ...

Anyone know of such an app ? Thanks a lot in advance.



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GMMP (GoneMad Music Player) can play a random album out of your collection (you hold down the shuffle button and it will select a random album), and it can also be set up to play a random album upon completion of the current playing queue. I'm still looking for an app that will take an existing playlist/queue and shuffle it by album though, the way iTunes does! Hope this helps.

If anyone knows of an app that has this shuffle by album feature please let me know! I know there are a some apps out there that will 'shuffle list' or 'shuffle collection' but that is not what i am after. I specifically want it to take a playlist and play it in random album order, keeping songs within an album together in track order, but shuffling the order of the albums in the list.


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N7 player, really cool.

You have a screen with all your music style (Blue, RB, Rock etc build automatically by N7) then you press EX: Blue, pop up appear, you choose play ALL albums of Blue for ALL artists.

It built a list various artists only blue

Same for an Artist name play all album will play only that artist but ALL is tunes.

You don't like a few of there categorizations, just edit the MP3 tag directly in N7. It also grab all the Cover automatically, and they are the good one.

A beauty of piece of code



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