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blank/black screen, no apps no buttons working

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heres the deal. i rooted my defy with superoneclick, it worked great.

heres the problem and what i think is the cause but i need a solution!

PROBLEM: i switch my phone on, it starts normally

motoblur screen


T mobile screen


the normal swipe unlock

i ulnlock it fine but as soon as i do the wallpaper dissapears/goes black. i cannot access any apps. none of the buttons work (menu,home,return/back,search) but the info bar/ menur bar thing at the top that swipes down works fine and what ever is in it works fine i.e when i plug into usb im able to choose portal and tools and those other 3. but when i just leave my phone on lock then press power button/activate unlock screen. it will show normal background with time and everything looks normal.

the CAUSE ( i think )

i was installing apps and deleting motoblur stuff. but it it was one of those two, i isntalled an app and i deleted a file at the same sort of time. the app installed was some startup app killer or a firewall of some type. or it could have been that i deleted an apk file that had a real short name i think, like blur.apk,could i have deleted the blur/homescreen? how to get it back?

PLEASE HELP ME. I need a solution FAST its my first smartphone ever and i paid alot for it. if you need my phone info it was

moto defy 2.51.1 uk version but then rooted with super one click


ps i have installed rsd lite and it is recognised by it but thats as far as i know what to do...

ive tried the recovery , factory wipe/reset but it doesnt work , it will act like it is and go through all the motions of doing it but it doesnt fix it. but the first message it says is E:can't open /cache/recovery/command.

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you use

adb shell ls /system/app

to see what apps you have removed from the system and then push them back using adb

alternitivly you could flash another rom using rds and whilst ur at it upgrade to 2.2

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