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[Rom] Deviant v0.77 -2nd Release (27/2/2011)

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Deviant v0.77

Here is an attempt at changing the recent trend in Galaxy S (i9000) ROMs. It seams the focus is mostly on speed (not only speed of course but its definitely prioritized to the point of sometimes leaving little option but a stock ROM or a quick ROM), which is good for some people and great for improving OS knowledge and leading to advances all over the place but why have a modern phone with decent specs with the only advantage being the ability to load the MMS app a few milliseconds quicker? Don't get me wrong I think most of the ROMs available are great I just find there's not really anything like what I'm attempting to do (that I've come across at least). But the most experimental change I am trying to implement and my main focus in creating this ROM is to replace as many of the stock apps as possible with community made alternatives which has turned out to be quite a challenging process due to most apps not being designed to be used together in such a way and especially without the standard system apps being available to them (though some just work perfectly as full replacements many just don't, possibly due to certain system apps calling each other in ways that just causes repeated force closings at boot) but it's definitely do able as I've replaced almost all of the standard apps already but there's bound to be some issues so time will tell.

So in attempting to fill in this perceived gap I am working on a ROM that:

* Replace as many of the standard apps as possible with full featured free alternatives (SUPPORT FREE SOFTWARE!!!)

* Adding extras you may not even need but you might have fun fiddling with none the less

* Providing a ROM that you can flash then immediately just have fun with that still is fully functional and stable

* Is suitable for everyday use

* That isn't noticeably lagged

* Which contains a new custom theme (possibly to be started in the next release but it wont be a priority over useability and stability)

I hope this find at least a small appreciative audience. I am VERY open to comments and suggestions especially about good free apps that I may not have even heard of (and considering how many apps are available now days it is a definite possibility).

PLEASE NOTE! This is still very much in development, its going to have problems most likely petty little ones but there's going to be a few at least, most likely incompatibilities between apps or stock apps I've replaced that has broken the ROM in some way. But so far I'm definitely happy with the results and consider it usable and reasonably stable but there's definitely so much more I can do so hopefully there is interest in this ROM to motivate my continued work.

List of ROM changes and specifics below in following post.

Download Link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21970648/Deviant_v0.77.zip


Cheers everyone, The_Everlasting_End

Edited by The_Everlasting_End

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Changes and Specifics:

Changed System (Stock) APPs

MusicPlayer.apk - Mort Player BETA

Gallery3d.apk - QuickPic

Browser.apk - Skyfire Browser

DialerTabActivity.apk - Dialer2

Camera.apk - Camera Magic

VoiceRecorder.apk - Voice Recorder (not stock just not very creatively named)

MyFiles.apk - File Expert

TouchWizCalculator.apk - RealCalc

ClockPackage.apk - Alarm Clock Plus

VideoPlayer.apk -mVideoPlayer

JobManager.apk - Advanced Task Manager

Email.apk - K-9 Mail

MMS.apk - GO SMS

Maps.apk - MapQuest

VoiceSearch.apk - ChaCha Droid

Added/Extra APPs:





Volume Control +

SGS Tools

Spare Parts

XDA forum app

Voodoo Control App

Foot Feed

Jota Text

LCD Density Changer

Quick Boot

Backup Everything

BLN Control Free

Download All Files

E-mail Notifier

Barcode Scanner


AnySoft Keyboard


Go Launcher Notifications

MortPlay Widget

PDF Viewer

Voltage Control



JS5 Base (WIPE)

Super Optimized Kernel v4.7.9

GO Launcher EX

Modified Phone.apk for call recording if desired

Default LCD Density changed to 200 (looks much nicer)

Custom made Deviant boot animations (one needs some work one isn't bad though)

Installation Instructions:

Flash via clockwork (at the moment the script wont flash properly with clockwork 3 it doesn't fail but it wont install the apps correctly so if your using a voodoo kernel or another kernel with version 3 (orange menus) just flash Speedmod or something else with cw v2.5 instead of 3). Prior to flashing make sure to do a full wipe. The app "backup everything" is included in this ROM so that you may use it to back up your apps and whatever else if you are following the deviant releases. If you do decide to flash a post saying that you have flashed this ROM would be great to give me some idea of how many people are using it.

There's probably a few little changes I've forgot to mention, if anyone notices any obvious ones could you please make me aware so I can list them

Edited by The_Everlasting_End

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