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Bricked Tab ?

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ok i have galaxy tab.

i can flash with odin and heimdall.

but when i flash the rom it stucks at Galaxy Tab screen.

i searched everything and i found the problem that there is no recovery image.

how can i flash recovery image with odin or heimdall ?

ADB PUSH doesnt work.

Kies doesnt work

Tried Modaco Kernel GET FAIL MESSAGE

Tried With Hemidall STUCK AT %100

Tried ODIN FLASH Stuck At Galaxy Tab and adb devices resutl : Recovery adb shell result - exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) -

Any solution offer ?

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Flash a complete firmware such as Rotohammers JMI via Odin with a .pit file and the "repartition" option.

If you _just_ want to flash a recovery then you need to flash a kernel such as the MCR kernel which has the recovery built-in. You can do this via Heimdall but odds are it won't work without a complete wipe, repartition & reflash.

If it starts booting, then it's not a brick. A brick is when it won't even power on to ANY form of restore or boot screen.

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Usually when you up the wrong fw processes or connectivity to the middle of the tab will display your phone connected to PC and no way to charge or download mode anymore, and so it can not up rom and if so all batteries are really dangerous, then your only way of removing the machine, take the battery out and file it, his general ways to save your download mode and not in the car was not charging. The test was way below his way several times and also works well, the doctor should read wa all then decided to go anyway nhé

Method 1: Use your heimdall thank jianqiang172

way out of the screen "connect to pc" for any doctor nailed this issue.


Physician to follow this link to view the user manual and download the latest software offline. Then follow your instructions:

B1: Unzip the file you just down.

B2: In the drive folder in your package directory just run down zadig.exe to install drivers for your computer. Click here to find out a table, your Option tab select Device List All. Then click Install Driver.

B3: cmd running on a PC, create a path to the folder down just above the Heimdall.

B4: type command heimdall-screen close-pc.

Finally, wait for it to reboot is in the Download mode regime. Then the doctor uses to flash the firmware offline Odin. Wish your good vóc ^ ^

Method 2: How I found this more simply, by being skeptical view should open a way to escape his demons screen that was less time, its use here Oldin PIT 1.70 for up to machines.

_ When the screen is suspended in Mobile ....... Then you turn off your PC, open Oldin up, as this will open up the machine and ensure the Oldin ID: COM has to yellow light, of course, is not on the DC machine download mode, you simply select the section in the PIT Oldin (PIT does depend on your best every P1 is offline DC)

_ Remember to choose the Re-partition, and F. Auto-Reboot Reset time

_ Click Start and wait for about 1p machine will reset itself, it is finished. No data


Above are two ways that you use to exit the screen when the hell up if nothing else wrong FW will up date more intelligent.

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