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Vega teardown

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Well morchuboo was first with opening the Vega up, but I decided to dig a bit deeper into this nice tablet in hopes of one day being able to hardware mod the Vega.

This was my previous thread, though it didn't quite get a lot of attention.

My main goal was to find out what components that is used in the Vega, i.e. screen manufacturer etc. In the process of doing this, I unfortunately broke a few vital parts (battery connector) of the tablet, resulting in it being almost useless. So now I'm here, with a broken Vega for the cause of science and geeekiness. Hopefully I'll have better luck in this competition than I had when disassembling the Vega.

Yet I'm happy that I at least managed to find out who the screen manufacturer was.

Here is a few pics (sorry for the blurry images, but I don't really have a good camera):




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Hi there,

Thanks for the Hi Quality pictures, did you get a look at the back of the dock connector? ie is it possible to run a USB cable from the back of it, and then into the innards of the Vega - primarily for a 3G Dongle to be internally mounted?


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thanks for this.

their looks to be some empty ports on the side of the motherboads. dont suppose you no what these are

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