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[NEWS] Finnaly Honeycomb 3.0 on Galaxy TAB

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If anyone has been deferring on their purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Tab for fear of inadequate OS support when future Android updates come in, well here it is. Samsung India has confirmed the 7 inch tablet will support not only the forthcoming Android 2.3 tentatively called Gingerbread, but it will also receive upgrades to Android 3.0 codenamed Honeycomb.

Google had earlier warned manufacturers against using the Android 2.2 Froyo, citing the particular version was not prepared for use in a tablet like device, something that the future Android versions, namely Gingerbread and Honeycomb will deal adequately. And now, with the assurance coming from Samsung India, none should harbor the least doubt of the Galaxy Tab’s ability to accept the future Android version that promises to make tablet operation even more of a pleasure.

There is no word though either from Google or Samsung as to when one can expect the next Android versions to hit markets.


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made same mistake a few weeks ago, thought it was new and was from november... :(

did google ever put a minimum CPU specification for honeycomb? not that it matters, as i saw someone with honeycomb on the G1.

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