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Honeycomb Tablets - What is there and where are they!?

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I am looking to replace me Vega that I had to take back, and now I'm after a replacement.

I wasn't happy with the screen on the Vega or the sound quality through the headphones.

What are my choices, and when are the Honeycomb tablets going to be out?

Thanks in advance for any help.

The 25th is only ten days away and if there is no decent looking Android tablets out (or close) by then, I will be buying an iPad2. I don't really want to, but if there is no alternatives that is what I will do.

As I get answers (either from you guys or my own research) I'll put a list here.

ASUS Eee Pad - April 2011?

Motorola Xoom - Out Now

HTC Flyer

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - 3rd April 2011

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Motorola Xoom is out - honeycomb

If you make little little search on google then you find that you can be very very smart. And more. You can then not ask this type questions.

Ok, back to deal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be out on "spring". But if read many news about this tab, then you can find that they promised out it on 3 april. Now your decision wait or not. On ebay you can find preorder deals.

Also same time goes out HTC Flyer. If you think that you can wait so long and spend your money then make preorder on amazon.de. I seen preorders on another webpages too (hint is modaco forum friend superetrader.co.uk ).

These are only some ... go and start be SMART guy - use goolge

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Yes, I am well aware of google!

Thanks for the other information though, especially the HTC Flyer, which I didn't know about. It's far too expensive though, right!? In fact so is the Galaxy 10.1, they are both more than the iPad2 which I think puts them out of the market.

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This is the major hurdle to iPad "killers". It will take something special to do that.

Problem is that Apple could pay you to take iPhads and they'd still make money because of the walled garden and their tie in to the evil of evils that is iTunes (When oh when are the regulators going to kick their batooties? If Microsoft did that with Zune, you'd have Uncle Sams' sherrifs climbing all over them).

They also have a huge market lead, to state the bleedin' obvious, and their resulting buying power and threatening posture enable them to get component parts at unbeatable prices. It will take a single manufacturer to get similar levels of penetration to begin to match them. Android outselling iOs means nothing in terms of new products coming to market with greater capability. HTC and Samsung are obvious candidates but which of them is going to make a huge upfront investment, almost as a loss leader, with an OS they can't make money from, branded apps that they know places like this will remove and vendor differentiation possible only through hardware which is what, a logo on the case?

Don't want to sound downbeat about it, in fact, I wouldn't take an iPhad if they did pay me, oh hang on, how much did he say :D

For me personally, putting money in Apples coffers is a bad bad thing for the future of technology so it will be Android or Windows (actually ABBA) for me come what may. Just saying I believe it will be a long time, and take a lot of effort, for someone to whoop Apple.

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You can also check the LG Optimus PAD. Sometime aroud mid 2011.

Again, if you use google you'll find out that Samsung said that they are considering lowering the price of the Galaxy Tab 10.1" in order to compete with the iPad 2. I really don't see how they're gonna manage to make money, because the money we spend on apps goes to Google and not to Samsung (whereas the money from apps for the iPad goes to Apple - That's the Gillette model, and that's how Apple can afford to provide the hardware at such low prices).

I can't wait for a good tablet to replace my Vega.

LG - Apparently it's gonna have the 3D screen. Useless, surely (my opinion, no proof) worst quality screen and more expensive. No LG for me.

Samsung - No MicroSD slot (higher prices for onboard flash when it's much easier to use a card I already have and upgrade if/when necessary), no HDMI, no USB (proprietary ports).

Xoom - Very expensive unless they follow Samsung's example. Thicker than Galaxy Tab.

Asus eee Pad - Too thick, instead of "Jack of all trades", the keyboard makes it the "master of none".

I am leaning towards the Xoom, but still, when I get honeycomb for the Vega I may decide that I don't want to change it. Apart from the higher res, neither of these new tablets bring anything i want (I definitely don't want 3G).

Regarding the iPad, Simonta said it better than I could have. If they would give me one, the only reason I would take it is because I could sell it and get a little more money to buy my Honeycomb tablet.

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Personally, I'm waiting on the Asus transformer tablet rather than the slider (which is the model with the fixed built-in keyboard). Starting Price seems like it's going to be pretty reasonable, certainly compared to the likes of the Motorola Xoom. Has an IPS based display with the same 1,280 x 800 resolution as the majority of announced honeycomb tablets (so should mean excellent viewing angles which is the main issue I have with the Vega) and a fairly decent set of connection options. The weight (680g) isn't too bad, I'm not too bothered about the thickness (12.9mm) as long as it's comfortable to hold without any sharp edges. They do need to show the dock connector is robust however - they've had a few issues with that in the prototypes shown off at various exhibitions this year.

Possibly, the Toshiba tablet might be worth a look as well if they can show they've learnt after the Folio 100 debacle. :D Connectivity is pretty good (USB, mini USB, HDMI, SD card slot) along with a user replaceable battery. It's slated (no pun intended) for a June release along with the HP (WebOS), HTC, Acer Iconia A500 and Dell Streak 10" tablets so the summer looks like it's heating up for quite a battle. Should be good for consumers in the end once pricing has shaken itself out.

@schprlock, the LG tablet is going to use a standard non-3D display unlike the Optimus phone (so for 3D content it means wearing the silly glasses). The dual cameras are going to add a bit to the cost, however. Rumoured pricing seems pretty high - seems like another company who are still tied up with the notion of contract subsidized models so another dud IMO.


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I am also looking for a new tablet (although I still have my Vega). I think I will hold off till the end of Q2 in the hope that the rush of new tablets will start a price war. Wishful thinking I know, but they are waaaaaay over priced at the moment (think Xoom and LG Optimus). I would rather go Android but if these guys don't get the pricing right I may go iPad 2 (nooooooooooooo!)

Off the top of my head I think these are looking at a half year release date so too late for the 25th. There is also a raft of lower spec'ed machines coming out but I didn't really give them a second glance.

Motorola Xoom = now

Samsung Galxt Tab 10.1

MSI 100a (Tegra version not Atom & Windows)

HTC 10 inch tablet (rumoured - may be showcased this month)

Acer 10 inch tablet

Lenovo tablet / netbook hybrid (probably have to chop off your arm and leg for that though)

Dell 10 inch

Toshiba 10 inch (NEW)

8.9 Inch Tablets

Samsuung Galaxy Tab 8.9

LG Optimus Pad 8.9

7 inch Tablets

HTC Flyer

Acer tablet


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