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my U8220 custom ROM works

I have a VP7 (stock 2.2.1/rooted/clockwork mod) and have check to see which version of the wpa_supplicant I have and its 0.6.9. Attempted to use at least 3 versions of the modified wpa_supplicant 0.6.10 files from XDA and none of them worked. All resulted in wifi turning on and off, constantly scanning for an access point....

reverted/copy back to my original wpa file via a terminal emulator and things are back to normal, but I still do not have access to ADHOC networks!!! UGH!!!

BTW, just as a sidebar note. I am also using the app "wifi analyzer" and the funny thing is that the app does "see" the adhoc network, but when I click to connect to it. I get an error message something like "andriod does on support adhoc networks yet"..... Bummer!!!!

Anyone with any help for me????


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