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[TUT] How to install Android

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[TUT] How to install Android


This guide will help you install Android on your phone. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to post them here!

Step 1 - Gathering the required files

First make sure your SD-card has more then 1024MB of space! (I prefer using one that's 2GB or more)

Then you will need the installation files. At this moment, the latest released version is 'Beta 2'.

You can download the installation files here

Next, you will need some updates. Please take a note that this tutorial can get outdated, and you can download new updates from the link below.

For the current updates; you can download these:

- 2D/3D Drivers: ESSENTIAL!

- B7610 updates (needed for keyboard and stuff)

- Updates released on 19-03-2011

Step 2 - Installing Android

Now you need to unzip the 'beta2' package into the root of your storage. (NOT SD-card).

You will get the following in your storage:

O2droid (folder)

haret.exe (file)

zImage (file)

ext2.tar.gz (file)

Maybe there are more, but just for you to be sure you're OK I've listed these files.

Note: Beta2 requires the 2D/3D drivers present to work. You need to copy the o2b2update.tar.gz to the root of 'my storage' now and then continue with the next step.

Next, go into Windows Mobile, open up the file manager and go to 'My Storage'.

Next, open up the O2droid folder, and run haret.exe.

You will get a confirmation screen, click 'Run'.

Android will now install. If you get any errors, post it at the forums here.

After Android installed succesfully, you will get a kernel panic and the device reboots in 30 seconds.

Step 3 - Installing updates

You're now back in Windows Mobile. Connect the phone to your PC and copy the update files to the root of your storage.

NOTE: Update files are in the following formats:

o2b2update.tar.gz, o2b2update.sh, zImage.

Once you've put these in the root of your storage, start haret.exe in the root of your storage, and Android will boot.

You've now installed Android succesfully :D

This is the official website with all the updates

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Hey ErnstJanF,

Thanks for the tutorial. But I've got a couple of questions.

If I want to update the files. I downloaded the 3 things you mentioned. all of them contain: "o2b2update.tar.gz" and If I want to place them in my storage they want to replace each other. Is there a way to combine both? Or which one do I need to use?

And I've got android running. but the processes are killing itself on startup.

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The tutarial is very short and little informative. You should add the following information (these are my noob questions):

1. What is the relation of the so-installed Android to WM, I mean when the device is switched on which system runs automatically. Is it WM? Do you run Android just as a usual application from WM?? Or mayby Android runs automaticly after turning on the phone?

2. Is it possible to use Gen.Y DualBOOT with so-installed Android??

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Hello! it is not working as it should, I don't have network , wifi , camera , the keybord its not working also :( . Can anyone provide a full tutorial for Samsung B7610?

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