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Lecture Companion

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The best use for my vega so far has been as a companion to lectures as it is far more convenient and discreet than a laptop which is generally frowned upon unless doing actual computer work.

So far the main use for my vega in lecture has been with quickoffice and a couple of other office apps to follow along with pdfs and powerpoints and make changes/notes as we go along. It's also great for looking things up on the fly where a specific term or problem is unclear. And in complicated sections of a lecture I might want to go over again it can record(albeit not fantastically) the audio of the lecture for me. It's also proven invaluable in quickly drawing diagrams and sketches in class for easy editing and revision later.

But what perhaps has been the best use so far is the ability to connect remotely to my home PC and use as a terminal to view and access files using VNC or Teamviewer. And more importantly access my machine and its accompanying windows and linux programs its especially useful in modelling classes where access to the software to try things out you learn on the fly can really aid the learning process. It's also been a great way to do work remotely anywhere in the world as recently during some field work in the Mediterranean it let me access my home machine in the evenings to work and keep notes as well as access my home collection of texts either through VNC file sharing or my calibre library webserver.

While not perhaps totally an unexpected use I was pleasantly surprised by its abilities in this area as I intended it more as a vanilla internet tablet when at home to untether from the desktop and PMP/Gaming device for commuting.

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Sketchbook mobile mostly but the NI drawing app is pretty good. The SBM app is good because it can save in jpeg so you can edit them later and tidy them up.

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