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Using the Amazon Appstore from outside the US (including paid apps)

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Thanks for the heads up. I was using the Discover card but recently the app kept telling me the Amazon App Store was not available in my region. Changing to the American Express card resolved that.

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Do the UK and US app stores offer a different free app of day? If so is there any way to have access to both, as far as I know it's not possible to have two versions of the app signed into to different accounts.

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Hi all,

This was working fine till a while ago. Today, I'm getting the following error:

"Please check that your billing address and payment method are from a supported country."

Is anyone else having the same problem? I don't know when it started, but I noticed it today, when I tried to download a free app.

Help, anyone, please?

Shoot, I just found out what was wrong. I had set the card expiry date as 12/12, and had forgotten. I now set it as 02/14, and all is fine, and I feel like such a twit. :-P

I'm leaving the post here, to help others just in case they have the same problem. ;-)

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