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Paul Please help us!

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Paul there is a lot of talk about you on XDA lately.

Some *DEV* named dbasabe came up with an update of the Nexus One with Sense UI.

People are asking if you could put in common what you have with what he has? or even better if you could work on what this *DEV* is asking.

Here is the link:




Did you contact paulobrien or evil?

Paul said he already has got some code on his machine to realise a gingerbread-sense for the N1. Perhaps he can share that with you

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Any updates on this topic? Paul I'd buy you a case of beer and a shot of scotch for this. LOL

Having had the nexus 1 rooted unbranded since release I still love it to this day. I know there's a lot of debate about stock vs Sense, sure stock is faster, but you can't beat the ease of use some of the Sense features give you!

keep us posted.


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