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Xoom Web Browsing

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Hi all,

Got my Xoom WiFI delivered yesterday finally!

When browsing the Web, the content always switches to mobile view which is HIGHLY annoying.

You can change by putting "about:debug" in the URL bar and then you can go to settings and change to Desktop/Android/iPad/iPhone/FroYo

The issue I have is that on Desktop mode; the browser keeps on crashing!! And when it crashes, I can't use it again until I reboot. Anyone else experiencing this? I tried Dolphin HD but I don't like it as much as the native browser... and it also crashes on me a lot!

Otherwise I absolutely love the device. How anyone can say the iPad 2 is superior to this is beyond me. I only have the iPad 1 but it does not compare to this at all.

Plus on the market I noticed that all Android apps are accessible... shame some of my purchased apps haven't been updated to run full screen on the Xoom yet though.

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I'm having similar problems, with certain web sites i've found the web browser just closes, I do think is to do with plug-ins ie flash.

I have enabled plug-ins on demand so it doesn't run any till I choose to run them and have found this stops the random web browser closes.

go to:



enable plug-ins on demand

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