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How to Flash the original Acer Liquid Rom

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Hi to everyone!! I am a new member and new owener of acer liquid metal..Yesterday i just bought the ace liquid metal from a friend.. i want to flash the original rom in my acer liquid metal but i dont know the way to do this...i download the OS_Acer_1.100.35.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_A from acer global site i did the steps and i had 20mb internal error in the acer liqidmeta software upgrade utility...

my phone has Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.16.EMEA.GEN1 rom

i also saw 2 applications, quickboot and superuser inside my apps but i dont know what are they doing..

I also downloaded acer download tool 1.272 but i dont know how to use it..

Also i downloaded to test the new leak rom Gingerbread 2.3 --- EUU_Acer_LiquidMT_3.008.03_EMEA-GEN1_03.08.03 i tried to flash it with the same way with acer software upgrade utility bu again the same error of 20mb internal memory...

my internal free memory is 129mb...

How i can flash the original or the 2.3 rom??

ps..sorry for my bad english

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