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Rodrigo Tavares Fernandes

[THEME] PeSSoa Orange XXJVB (04-05-2011) ***NEW ROM COMPATIBILITY***

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I'm a big fan of the best mobile operating system, Android, and after getting adicted to him, i wanted it more personalized as possible.

So i started changing images in the frameworks, but that wasn't enought, so i sarted learning more and more, and now i'm decompiling the apk's and making clean themes.

After a great evolution and learning from the first example, I come here to present my new theme, so more people could try it, and if they want, help me improve it.



I didn't liked the light blue stock samsung has so i tried to make a orange version of it.

I'm always trying to improve it, but i'm not very creative so i'm always open to sugestions. So I'll post an update here if something changes.


Install instructions

Just flash the pack with CWM.

Make sure you pick Stock framework, in case you have any problem you can always revert it.

The first boot after you flash this can take a long time. And I mean a really long time. This doesn't mean its stuck at boot. After that it will boot at normal speed and future updates should also boot faster.

If there is a problem and it does get stuck at boot the phone will vibrate multiple times during the glowing S logo and eventually will go black. If you have that problem then flash your backup, a working theme or your rom again.

If you have issues after the install try to clear the dalvik cahche from recovery.



RomKitchen JVB 2.2 / PerkaRom Compatible

Stock Framework



Version 2.1


Version 2.0



(Use this version, other versions can have problems)

DarkysROM v10 RC5 Compatible

Stock Framework



Version 2.0


(Don't have 5 lockscreens option, and still have some green text...)

PerkaRom Compatible

Stock Framework



Version 2.0







This is a stash created by the user PERKA, and owned by the user Quacktop that i think is very usefull, to get very good android stuff.

There you can get my theme files to.....



Known bugs

none so far

To-Do List

Theming some apps.

New icons.



-> New version compatible with Perka Rom.;


-> New version compatible with Darky's Rom.


->TouchWiz 4 version added;


-> New power icons;

-> Created new notification icons, new handle bar;

-> Improved image coloration;

-> Corrected some image bugs.


-> Edited SystemUI.apk, Framework-res.apk, TwFramework-res.apk, Settings.apk images;

-> Added 5 Lockscreens, CRT Off Animation, Extended Power Menu, Overscroll Glow (thanks to dhiru1602).



If you have suggestions to make it better let me know. Can't promise I can do it but I will look at it.

Using files for your own theme

If you are going to make a theme and post it here you are free to use some files from this theme. If it is a small number of images you can take them. If you are using a lot from it then you are still allowed to use it (would be nice to ask) but at least leave some credits and don't deny it (you know who you are ).


Credits: (if I forgot someone let me know.)

To all de devs that make roms in which this theme runs.

Tricky103, Perka, Crysis21 for helping me in the beginning, with some knoweledge.

vukandric, racerboy3801, on.one, Night-Wolf for helping me and answering some questions.

R64, for the reason above, and for the base thread.

darken for help me with lockscreens and bootanimations.

UOT kitchen, for some icons...

The users of my theme that report on which roms it works, bugs and leave suggestions.

Al the names listed below who hit the thanks button

Edited by Rodrigo Tavares Fernandes

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