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Modaco Advent Theme boot,wall,live wall

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Don't know if this is correct area but I have attached a zip with info txt file containing:-

2 bootanimation.zip files, 1 displaying a static image the other an animated sequence.

2 wallpapers, 1 a modaco blue theme and the other an advent dark grey theme.

1 live wallpaper, with 4 options - 2 static wallpapers and 2 animated wallpapers.

I also included the source code for the live wallpaper incase people wanted to amend or see how this was done to create their own.

Although nothing to elaborate these were created with this competition in mind and to have a modaco/advent themed custom boot and wallpaper.

All art came from modaco website and advent manual and was reworked for this so hope it does not break any copyright.


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