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a little help please..

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hey guys

i have got to send my defy back to be repaired as it has developed a fault(power button keeps falling out)its under warranty so no biggie,but....

i upgraded to 2.2 with addthebad and a few others help but i need to put my original backup of 2.1 on as T-mob don't like rooting and other software etc...


can anyone give me a few details how i do this?

i downloaded this:



but im really not sure what process to use to put that back on and then my original backup..

thanks in advance


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do i just follow these steps to flash the 2.51.1?

instead of 3.4.3_11-fixed i use the 2.51-1?

enter bootloader by holding volume up and power for 5 secs

then connect phone to pc

make sure you have moto drivers and rsd installed

then in rsd lite choose the "3.4.3_11-Fixed.BLUR.sbf" file and click

wait for that to finish and that should be it

if you get a boot loop enter recovery power and volume down for 5 secs you should get a black screen

then volume up and down at the same time

wipe all data


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didn't think you could because of locked bootloader, however i did also see this post on xda devs site, it does say not for the newer froyos, & it's 67 + pages :mellow:

good luck anyhow

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the 2.2 rom was a fixed 1 so its downgradable just not 100% on the process

dude i was in the same problem i send mine of today all i did is reflash the 2.51.1 sbf file using rsd .......then enter recovery (not custom but the pre install phone recovery)and wipe phone ......worked for me so hope it works for you mind you to enter recovery i had to prees volume down first then power then tap rigth bottom corner of the screen ........(navegate using the totch screen).....let me know how it goes.

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