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Daskalos Guide to B7610 ROM Cooking

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Thanks a lot Daskalos for the elaborated Guide on B7610 ROM Cooking. I have been trying to cook ROM for past few days and failed terribly due to same error every time. I have tried to install/remove VC runtime and .NET framework various versions but somehow PKGTool is crashing when trying to open dump folder every time.

I get the error "PKGTool.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". If i open PKGTool and open folder from the menu, i get error attached in log file and few lines as below.

[Edit] ---logs removed--- [/Edit]

Please help me with the versions required for the runtime libraries, trust me i tried all possible ways. Please show me the correct way to avoid this error and to build ROM successfully.

Thanks in advance.


[Edit] *** PKGTool.exe errors disappeared after I flashed JC2 and dumped the ROM again. I believe the earlier rom_dump.bin had some issue :-) Now going back to cooking! *** [/Edit]


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Hallo to all,

I have a Problem, I made every thing like dasklos has written! But when i want to Build the new Rom, i got "error building rom"

What must i do?

Nice Day to everyone!!!

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Our phone it's a bit out of date but i will try to "revive" him by starting to learn cookin roms.

I hope i will learn enough and i hope to be skilled enough to ccok something

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