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problem recovery mode htc hero -

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target: modaco cooked rom installation

have just rooted my HTC hero, using androot.

  1. had some trouble booting into recovery mode using home/power - phone would hang with a red warning triangle and exclamation mark over an image of a hero.
  2. REsolved this by using 'quick boot' (android market).
  3. performed nandroid backup
  4. installed amon ra recovery-RA-hero-v1.7.0.1.img
  5. now again I cannot get into the recovery mode. (same warning triange - have to pull battery to start again)
    [**] have tried home+power, quick boot, have tried from command prompt - always the same.
    [**] from 'better terminal emulator' on the phone's screen result is 'not permited' (sic)
MAny thanks


ps - since I posted I have installed rom manager and flashed clockworkMod recovery

once again - first attempt booted into recovery without problem.

I made a rom backup and prepared to flash the new rom via rom manager.

But once agfain I am blocked - recovery mode won't open, even using rom manager.

I am still trying to flash the modaco rom, rather than the cyanogen mod offered through the rom manager appliction.

I feel so close to this first flash experience. Hope we cansort it.

thanks in advance,


firmware 2.1 update1

baseband version

kernel version 2.6.29-5f74b252

build no CL183682 release-keys

software no

browser WebKit 3.1

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