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How to root your Tab if you are having problems

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Before I start this short tutorial let me say I'm no expert, but I am quite tech savvy (I work in IT and have done so for over 20 years).

I've been having major problems rooting my Galaxy Tab after it came back from Samsung following a Newbie mistake I made....

I have figured out how to root it after much searching and so decided to post this in the hope it might help someone else.

When I first rooted my Galaxy tab everything went perfectly, using SuperOneClick and following directions I found on one of the many forums. Then after doing much reading I decided to jump into flashing a custom rom.

That too went perfectly.

Then I made a silly mistake and bricked my phone :-(

Fortunately Samsung here in Thailand fixed it whilst I waited in 45 minutes under warranty :-)

So I had to root it again but when I tried, everytime I tried nothing would happen... SuperOneClick would just sit there saying waiting for device.

This is what I did to fix the problem and gain root access to my Galaxy Tab once more.

1) Forget the instructions that start off with syncing to Kies

2) Go to Control Panel - Add Remove Programs - look for the Samsung USB drivers - Uninstall them.

3) Go here and download these Samsung USB Drivers - http://hotfile.com/dl/79784098/7b960b2/Sam...rivers.rar.html

4) Open the archive and find the setup file, run that to install the drivers.

5) Go to this page http://lifehacker.com/#!5789397/the-al...y-android-phone and follow their instructions for rooting with SuperOneClick. You will note they make no mention of connecting with Kies and disconnecting then reconnecting then..... blah blah blah. They just say to connect in USB Debugging mode and run SuperOneClick.

This worked first time for me, after trying and failing with various versions of SuperOneClick, 2 versions of Kies, uninstalling and reinstalling....

Hopefully it will work for someone else that is having problems with the 'Waiting for device' message.

Good luck!


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