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Bugs with 2.3.3- Cyanogenmod - Swifdroid 2.0M3

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I tried this version but have since gone back to standard 2.1 as I found a few things that didnt work, not sure if anyone else found these also...

The gallery doesnt display any photos, or anything. It just shows "There are no items in your collection" no matter what I try, does anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix?

Also contacts no longer has the option to show contacts stored on the sim card. In fact is doesnt even have the option to copy contacts to or from the sim card either.

Another bug I found is in the camera app, if you go into settings and enable the use of zoom using the volume buttons, when you try to soom it just Force closes, or just takes you right back the home screen.

A minor annoyance, although not a bug as such is that it doesnt have English UK as a locale, you have to use morelocale2 for it.

I did notice also that a few things seem to appear in russian I think it is, for example if you go into profiles settings all the profile names are in russian.

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