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Widgetlocker Configuration

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Just installed Widgetlocker to get rid of the SGS2 Stock Lockscreen.

Everything seems to have worked except for the small problem that I now appear to have two lock screens (Both contain widgetlocker custom sliders).

Any idea what I have missed in the configuration to take me back down to one lockscreen please? Its a real pain to swipe the unlock slider twice every time I want to get into my phone.

I don't have any PIN/Pattern installed and I cant find a setting to turn keyguard off permanently (Thus keeping only Widget Locker)


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Working fine on mine, i'm using the 'root' option in Widgetlocker tho...


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Well not sure how I have done it but turning widgetlocker on and off, Enabling the Root option and changing a few other config options to get the look and feel the way I wanted seems to have cleared the issue. Im guessing it was my configuration of the app rather than anything else.


I would like to add that it is so much better than the SGS2 stock lock screen.

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