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How is the SGS2 compared to LG2X?

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It will be interesting to see if LG have done any better with the Optimus 3D. I really hope so, seeing as mine is coming tomorrow.

There wasn't really any other choice there as it didn't look like the HTC was coming any time soon (then they announce it AFTER I order the LG) and one of the big reasons I am getting it is for the 3D functionality, or I would have chosen the SGS2 or Motorola Atrix. Its just a shame LG cheaped out putting in half the RAM of other dual-core handsets.

That said, surely a custom ROM could implement the main Atrix functionality into any phone with an HDMI port? The SGS2 with a full desktop over HDMI would be pretty awesome.

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My findings on this having just moved away from the 2x to an sgs2 is that the problems some ppl have with the 2x is device specific. I got one from my local CEX, and it suffered with the BSOD and random reboots constantly, didn't matter one jot which ROM was on it, it was the same. Cutting a long story short I took it back, swapped it for another one they had and it couldn't have been more different. Smoother, no reboots, no BSOD, not one. Even when running on CM7 or modaco fr18 beta 2, it was rock solid, only thing I would say, however, is that the lack of RAM showed up occasionally.

That said, I have now bought an SGS2, and it is, quite simply, the first android device that I have used (which is many, trust me) that can match IOS in terms of fluidity, even whilst running a live wallpaper too. Having 1Gb of RAM is good, you can really see the difference in use. Only thing I would say is the database write speed is still a little slow, but that's just an observation, in practice it doesn't make a great deal of difference in general use. It is a better phone, but at the price point and with the hardware on board that would be expected.

If you get an LG Optimus 2x that works, however, for the price, and a little modification from modaco, it takes some beating!

Right, I'm gonna go out on a limb here, quoting myself. I, as can be seen from above, had bought a sgs2 and was initially blown away by it. However, after having owned it for a few weeks, I started to get more and more frustrated with a number of aspects of it. First is a subjective one, battery life, It's the only phone I've owned, bar none, that can't even get me through 1 day, set up the same as every other Android phone I've had of late, same sync's, same email accounts, and so on. Doesn't matter which firmware I tried, or whether I used it or just left it in my pocket. Really annoying. Not as annoying however as the straw that broke the camels back, gsm signal reception levels and data connectivity issues. The rx reception is low compared to many phones I've had recently, including the LG, and its not just a one off either, I had to replace mine due to a dead pixel I spotted, and the two units suffered in the same way. The most annoying thing for me tho was the intermittantly working data connection on 3g, or more specifically, the inability to switch between 3g, H, and H+ without loosing the ability to recieve any data at all. This would happen randomly and you would only notice when you try to use the internet for instance, then realise it was stuck. Toggle the airplane mode off and on, and suddenly you start recieving emails from hours ago. Again, no amount of Rom swapping would fix the issue. I have a spare LG optimus one lying around and ended up using that instead as it was perfectly reliable. Nice one samsung! I have now sold it and bought a very ordinary but very reliable HTC incredible s, I would also like to point out that the gps, although better is still not fixed properly, it does, but only just, signal fix is rarely more accurate than 15 to 20 meters, the optimus one by comparison could manage 5m in the same conditions. My advice to anyone considering a recent Android handset at this point in time would be to avoid anything with more than one core. Seems they all have issues of one form or another. And I can only apologize to anyone who went out and bought an sgs2 based on my previous comments.

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I got both devices now and they have been problem free.

Not sure if the uppgrade is worth it. Its not (imo) mindblowingly better. My O2X works very good, relible and fast with a smooth interface. And it feels realy sturdy.

But the S2 is ofc better. The screen is just so lovley, its so damn thin and light but it feel suprisingly very sturdy to altho not on the same level as the O2X.

The batterytime im not realy sure of yet. The LG can handle a day without problem for me, but i havent had the S2 for long enough to make a judgement on that yet. And the screen is so pretty to look at in full brightness.

And the S2 can get realy hot. On the edge to being to much.

The camera seems better och works better on the S2. Its a bit faster and the pictures gets a little better.

And i just love the Kies Air on the S2.

EDIT: Meh... Having problem playing .3gp with my S2. It pops up that its not supported. So i tried open it in Astro and what do you know it plays smoothly. I go reset the default from the videoplayer but when i try to play a .3gp astro doesnt pop up as an option. A well ill just open those videos in astro then. But then they dont work their either...

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I owned a LG O2X for about 3 months.

I found the phone decent and acceptable after rooting and running Paul's modaco roms.

However, the only problem i encountered was that 512MB ram is not good enough for multitasking.

I constantly found launching graphic intensive apps to close pretty much everything else, or i am forced to task kill when it shouldn't be necessary.

However, when a bro told me he liked my o2x and wanted to buy it off me, rooted and all, i said ok and upgraded to the SGS2.

No regrets! app switching is powerful. i can pause a graphic intensive game, send a sms and go back to the game. If i did that on the optimus, the game would have been closed in the background.

I do notice that the battery life is shorter as it's screen is bigger and the 1.2 overclock is more intensive.

Samsung stock will always beat LG stock.

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well.. what can i say here..

i own the 2x for 3months+

firstly it was a buggy device, a bit disappointing in the start, hot it's laggy and so..

but then learned how to do paul's customs and then it feels awesome.

all i can say is 2x was an awesome device, released with tons of bugs and performance issue but getting much better with paul's rom and it can stay close to sensation and galaxy SII

the galaxy S II in other hand, runs smoothly since first hands on..

everyday phone already, almost no bug and considered to be the top amongst android smartphone nowadays..

however it lacks on GPS positioning, and compared to 2x it feels a bit "cheap" rather than premium smartphone because it's plastic body..

overall those 2 were awesome android phones nowadays, no regret having them both.

i'm just waiting for gingerbread update for the 2x and i bet it can run much better and keep close to SII :D

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I personally owned an LG for roughly half a year and I was satisfied with it. I have had my Samsung G2 for less then a week and already having it a few days made my realise just how blasting fast it is. Seems like those +200 Mhz and double the memory really helps compares to the crippled LGO2x.

The LG is not a s*** phone, but LG could and should have done better.

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