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I have a question for paul or anyone here

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So, i installed the modaco rom to my new galaxy tab. so far what i have encountered was that.

when, music player is playing in the background and web browsing using the original web browser in the gtab.

about 5 - 10 mins in to web browsing the tab crashes. Gallery application does not work anymore, it force closes.

Font size became larger after changing to modaco. Samsung Apps store, could not update anymore, it keeps saying that application was not installed.

and last but not the least, I could not access my 3g anymore. i used the application where it checks for gps satellites.

it could see them sometimes it couldnt connect to them sometimes they do. The tab couldn't even data transfer and the data packets is on. so i dont know why.

whenever i want to use my tab as a navigator it hinders me because the maps wont load the map, internet through 3g/internet via service provider, is now unaccessible in my tab.

so to clear things up. these are the things that bother me:

- internet through 3g (Data transfering/ the little icon that you can see when you connect to your 3g in the notifications) is not working anymore

- sometimes web & music at the same time crashes my tab.

is there anything i can do to fix the gps problem. Im an avid traveler here in the philippines and I would really like the 3g re-enabled, so that i wouldn't get lost and get army rapped by the abusayaf or NPA here in our country.

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