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[RECOVERY] : RA_Recovery for ZTE Racer

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Please find attached *MY* build of the latest version of Amon_RA's RA-Recovery for the ZTE-Racer. It is not officially supported by Amon_RA, please do not bother him with support questions for this build.

I have tested it as much as I can, but I'm always open to any more constructive feedback. Please see one post down for a change log for THIS build.

To install:
Recovery ManagerDownload the img file to your SD card, and then you can use the Recovery Manager application to install your recovery.

fastboot method
Unplug the USB cable, turn off your device and take out the battery
Replace the battery and turn the device on holding the 'volume up' key. The device will stay at the 'green android' screen.
Plug the device into the PC.
From a command prompt run 'fastboot flash recovery <filename>.img'
When this finishes, from the command prompt run 'fastboot reboot'

update.zip methodIf you have a previous version or another recovery install, install the update.zip and restart your device.

Howto Enter recovery mode:
restart your device holding down the 'volume down' key
Use the Recovery Manager application to Reboot into Recovery
if you have ADB configured type 'adb reboot recovery' from the command line.
Downloads:The Latest version of RA_Recovery can found HERE
Previous versions:
Older versions of RA-Recovery can be found here.
Which version:
RA_Recovery now comes in 2 different versions for 1st and 2nd Generation devices, if your device originaly shipped with Android 2.1, it will usually be 1st generation, if it came with 2.2 it will usually be 2nd generation. Please note if you have used an officaly updater on a 1st generation device it will now be a 2nd generation device.
The Device Config to build ClockworkMod Recovery as part of CyanogenMod can be found on my GitHub.
Kernel Information
Information about the Kernel used in this ROM can be found on this thread.
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Know issues:


Build Change Log:

2011-01-17 - 2.2.1 b1 - Initial Release.

2011-04-01 - 2.2.1 b2 - upgraded to 2.6.32 kernel

2011-04-01 - 2.2.1 b2 - two versions of recovery image to support Generation 1 & 2 devices

2011-04-14 - 2.2.1 b3 - usb problem resolved

2011-05-14 - 2.3 b1 - Initial Release.

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Original readme/change log:

This is a custom recovery based on Cyanogen's recovery source with a lot of things added by me. The purpose of this recovery is to avoid using adb by accessing all features directly from the menu.

Important notes

  • Always check recovery.log before posting your issues!
    You can do this by doing :
    • "cat /tmp/recovery.log" OR "cat /cache/recovery/log" right after you had the issue.
    • Use the "move log to sd" option in the "others" menu right after you had the issue. This will move the log to /sdcard/recovery.log so you can easily open it with a text editor.

      Use the volume buttons (up+down) to navigate through the menu, press the Menu-key to select items. Use the Back-key to go back to a previous menu.
      • full ADB access in recovery mode
      • Busybox v1.15.3
      • Kernel (2.6.29) with ext3 support
      • OLED and TFT support
      • HW-Key navigation (Volume up/down) option
      • Extended menu :
        • Reboot system now :: reboot your phone
        • USB-MS Toggle :: enable/disable USB mass storage (use when the phone is connected to your PC)
        • Backup/Restore
          • Nand backup :: Make a Nand backup (/sdcard/.android_secure included), the following partitions are NOT included :
            • Recovery (to avoid restoring old version)
            • Misc (no need to backup imo + restore issues on some phones)
            • Splash1+2 (no need to backup imo + restore issues on some phones)

            • Nand + ext backup :: Make a Nand + ext backup
            • Nand restore :: Restore a Nand backup
            • Backup Google proprietary system files :: Makes a backup of the Google proprietary system files in /cache/google
            • Restore Google proprietary system files :: Restores the Google proprietary system files from /cache/google

            • Flash zip from sdcard :: Flash a zip update file from any (sub)-directory on your sdcard
            • Wipe
              • Wipe ALL userdata :: wipes /data + /cache + entire ext partition + all apps installed on your sdcard (froyo a2sd).
              • Wipe only /data :: wipes /data.
              • Wipe only /sd-ext :: wipes the entire ext partition on your sd (if present).
              • Wipe only /sdcard/.android_secure :: wipes all apps installed on your sdcard (froyo a2sd).
              • Wipe only /cache :: wipes /cache.
              • Wipe only Dalvik-cache :: wipes the dalvik-cache located in /cache + /data + /sd-ext is present.
              • Wipe only battery stats :: reset the battery calibration.
              • Wipe only rotate settings :: reset the sensor calibration.

              • Partition sdcard
                • Partition SD :: Interactive SD partitioning
                • Repair SD:ext :: Repair the ext partition
                • SD:ext2 to ext3 :: Convert ext2 to ext3
                • SD:ext3 to ext4 :: Convert ext3 to ext4

                • Mounts
                  • (Un)Mount /system
                  • (Un)Mount /cache
                  • (Un)Mount /data
                  • (Un)Mount /sd-ext
                  • (Un)Mount /sdcard

                  • Other
                    • Fix apk uid mismatches :: Does extacly that
                    • Move recovery.log to SD :: Moves the recovery log file to your sdcard. (Use when you want more detailed recovery log information)
                    • Toggle Signature Verify :: Toggles the signature verification for zip files.

                    [*]Power off :: Powers off your phone

                  [*]Scripts available via adb :

                    [*]Nandroid v2.2.1 : enter "nandroid-mobile.sh" to start.

                    [*]sdparted v0.6 : enter "sdparted" to start.

                    Change-log :


                      [*]Nandroid will skip sd-ext backup when it's not present.

                      [*]Nandroid will not check the battery percentage anymore.

                      [*]Switched off signature check by default (Stop asking now, ok?).

                      [*]Cache is not selected as part of a default Nandroid backup anymore.

                      [*]Added wipe Boot, System and sdcard to the wipe menu.

                      [*]Re-ordered some items in the wipe menu.


                        [*]Nandroid backup is now selective, boot/system/cache/data are selected by default.

                        [*]Nandroid checks if there's at least 500MB free on SDcard before starting a backup.

                        [*]Added/updated error/warning messages.


                          [*]Fixed ext4 support in kernel! Update from v2.x if you are using sd-ext!


                            [*]Reduced recovery size by 800kb so it fits any hboot version to date :

                              [*]Set Kernel compression mode to LZMA (33% smaller kernel)

                              [*]Switched kernel debugging off

                              [*]Removed : Networking support - Bluetooth subsystem support

                              [*]Removed : Device Drivers - Misc device - AKM8973 Compass Driver

                              [*]Removed : Device Drivers - Misc device - A1026 Voice Processor Driver

                              [*]Removed : Device Drivers - Multimedia support

                              [*]Removed : Device Drivers - MSM 3D Graphics driver for Adreno class GPU's

                              [*]Nandroid now backups the entire content of /sd-ext , not just the apps. This fixes bootloops of certain restored roms.

                              [*]Moved the "Toggle signature verification"-option from the Other- to the main flash-submenu.

                              [*]Re-ordered the wipe menu.


                              Some things in v2.0.0 were kanged with a twist from the Clockworkmod recovery.

                                [*]Updated kernel to 2.6.35 (SLCD and AMOLED are now both supported).

                                [*]Added SDEXT support for update scripts.

                                [*]Added "filebrowser" support when you select a zip to flash.

                                [*]Added "/.." support to the filebrowser so you can navigate up.

                                [*]Added a mount menu so you can manually (u)mount stuff.

                                [*]Added a toggle verification switch so you can flash those awesome unsigned winrar rom releases...

                                [*]Fully re-wrote the wipe menu (it's not using a script anymore), added a few new wipe options.

                                [*]Added "/sdcard/.android_secure" support , nandroid now backups/restores .android_secure (Froyo a2sd apps) by default.

                                [*]Added a few new Google apps to the Google app backup script.

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I have installed amon-ra recovery but i am faceing a problem, when i use nand backup option to backup my rom, it bacskup my rom but it is so smaller than the cwm backups and when i restore those nand backups then nothing happens and i am stuck with the boot logo screen, please help...sorry for my bad english...

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