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What is new in Gingerbread

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After failing ti updates to 2.2.1 via KIES (for many weeks)

Installed KIES v2 and straight away it advised I can upgrade Eclair to Froyo and Froyo to Gingerbread

It did both upgrades simply & quickly and phone is now on 2.3.3

So expecting big changes ... went to phone, and can't really see a huge lot different ? hopefully there are fixes to huge Lag issues I had esp with email.

Anybody know what is actually new in 2.3.3.

Perhaps this post ... Samsung & gingerbread will be updated as he stated there would never be Gingerbread release on Galaxy S

Assume there will soon be a 2.3.4 as Android took a big mauling in press this week over big security holes in anything prior to 2.3.4

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Not alot in all honestly, few slight changes in graphics, no lag to speak of, download manager app and that's about it, oh, maybe slight improvement on battery drain.


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