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RedEye app now available for Android [DISCOUNT]

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On May 17th Thinkflood USA announced that a Beta version of their RedEye Android app is now available and they are looking for people to help them test it on the various Android platforms around. The system is used to wirelessly control your Hi-fi and Home Cinema equipment in conjunction with one of their hardware components using your home wi-fi network.

Here are some pictures and a little more information about the system plus if you are still puzzled about what the RedEye Wifi can do here is a video of it in action

post-794950-1305884230_thumb.jpg post-794950-1305884245_thumb.jpg

I have been in correspondence with Thinkflood and have been trying to clarify the latest status of the Android Beta trial and at this stage the configuring of the RedEye Wifi controller will still require an iOS device such as one of the following

iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation), iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, or iPad running iOS 3.0 or later

In due course this configuration will be carried out by the Android app instead but for now this is a requirement to take part in the trial. To soften the blow somewhat if you have one of the above devices already and would still like to take part then Thinkflood are offering Android Modaco members an exclusive SPECIAL DISCOUNT on their RedEye Wifi hardware which I can say offers a 'significant' reduction on the current UK/USA retail price.

In order not to contravene selling rules on this forum I would ask anyone who is interested in taking part to post a message on this thread and I shall private message you with details of the offer.

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For those of you who have already ordered your RedEye Wifi system or for those still undecided and on the fence you might like to know that the manufacturer Thinkflood are running some FREE one hour webinar training sessions about the product. Details can be found here.

Pleased to say I've got my RedEye Wifi device now and rather like the Advent Vega it takes a bit of tweaking and a fair degree of patience to get it installed and running as you want it but now I am able to use the RedEye app to control my home entertainment kit which includes TV, A/V Receiver, DVD Changers, Freeview box, Projector, Playstation 3 (via Logic 3 dongle) all from the same device. I've even managed to get it to control my lighting dimmer switch :P

By programming how I use each item of kit by ROOM and then into ACTIVITIES you can select how each should operate during the SWITCH ON & TURN OFF sequences. So now when I use the WATCH DVD activity it will power up the surround sound system, DVD player & projector then finally dim the lights off ready to watch the film. Just now have to find a compatible robot to go and fetch the beers!

Any questions about the system I'm quite happy to answer them or pass them by the manufacturer?

P.S. At this stage, as mentioned before, most of the configuring and setup still needs to be done on an iOS device but once done the Vega can carry out the activities itself

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