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dead mpx200 screen..

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After my mpx200 was interrupted during upgrade (to wm5),the screen hasn't been working.I could pick up calls as this doesn't require the screen, but there isn't much you can do without a screen.i guessed that it might be a bad upgrade,and after a degrade to wm2003 (from wm5),the screen still doesn't work.I can see the top backlight by holding it at an angle,but not the bottom one (Is there a bottom one? I'm not sure..).By dead screen,I don't mean the screen looks like it does when the phone's off,it sort of glows..a dark bluish glow.I cant see anything on it.Any idea what this means??And how do I fix it?

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There is only one row of LEDs for the backlight, it has been reported before that screens can fail but that is normally after hearing a high pitched noise first.

It is also possible that when flashing the device back to 2003SE the ROM is not correct unless you have used it before?

I would reflash with a known good ROM if you can find one?

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