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New SD & Long File Names Problem

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I recently obtained an updated microsd card for my htc desire and ran into problems with long file names when trying to copy data from the old card.

Method Used:

- unmount the old microsd and power down the htc.

- removed the back and removed old card, inserted new card.

- powered up the htc into recovery and formatted the new card, and also created a partition as per old card setup.

- connected htc to laptop, and whilst in recovery enabled usb mount

- opened new card via laptop

- mounted old sd card in card reader in laptop.

- attempted to copy files from old sd to new.

All seemed to go well until the end of the process when I was informed that windows was unable to copy some files because the file names were too long!

I am using a win 7 64bit setup on the laptop. I did think that this sort of thing had been sorted out in windows a long time ago, or is this new windows 7 "functionality".

Any ideas anyone? I think Linux may be a potential solution but I would prefer a win 7 solution if possible.

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Did you find out what files were causing the problem? What are their filenames? Presumably they're all on the fat32 partition? Are they within many subfolder levels?

Have you tried copying the old files from the sdcard reader, onto the laptop, then on to the new card again via the laptop sdcard reader (so bypassing the phone)?

You could also try a variation on the above, using the phone (in normal mode, not recovery) to copy files off into internal storage, then onto new card (more tedious since you'll be mounting/unmounting, power on/off).

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Long Path Tool is very useful if you are having problems in deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files that are considered filename too long by your system. This will be fabulous solution for your issues.

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