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USB Sync with Miscrosoft Outlook

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I have been using a few generations of Windows Mobile devices mainly because they were very easyly & fully sync with Microsoft Outlook via USB or Bluetooth. I didn't switch to Iphone nor Android because both of these platforms can't sync as well.

I am planning to upgrade a Mozart, can I check if it can sync fully with Outlook (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Notes) via USB?

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It will not sync with USB, but you can still sync the phone as such.

If you have an Exchange account you can sync directly but the WP7 platform is more about cloud computing as such.

If you use Outlook you can then use Outlook Connector to sync with a Live account (which you need for Xbox etc to get the best out of the device) so in turn you can then automatically sync to your phone.

Since using my HD7 I have slowly moved to Live only and Outlook has now been a past fond memory for the last few months.

I was always a campaigner for having Outlook sync and still am but for me I no longer need it and it has surprised me.

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