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Headphones Problem

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Yea this seems to be a recurring problem on a lot of phones by various companies and unfortunately that includes Huawei :D


Also from doing a simple search on the forum I have found that some people say using a Nokia AD-57 headphone adapter on a Huawei U8110 will temporarily fix this, but has anyone tried the same adapter on the Huawei U8800?

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Okay the issue is when you try to use a third party headphone they don't work unless you hold down the play/pause button, I'm not sure why it's 'designed' like this but it's proving to be extremely irritating :)

Also I have found that the T-mobile Mini suffers from the same problem


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that's might be true but not with all third party headset , i'm using two different types both unknown brands " made in china "

just try to find one that might really work ( don't look for brand names just get any one that will work ! )

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