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Change the home appearance of Desire

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Hey all,

It's been a while since I came on to here, I had a pulse before I got my desire and well what a difference! I was happy with SenseUI for so long but now I'm getting a little bored of it, the widgets are great but the overall appearance, (menus, text boxes, etc.), are getting a little boring.

I've had a quick look, but I'll admit that I haven't looked overly thouroughly in the forum to see how to change this. What is the best way to change the appearance of the android system?



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Using SPB shell, ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro or some similar UI.

You can install them on top of your Sense rom if you want the Phone, lock screen and other Sense apps. Or you can use an AOSP rom and default Android apps but you'll lose the Sense apps.

A list of roms can be found here.

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