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Hi guys. newbie here and total newbie to any modding on phones/tabs. Had an android device, the Desire since launch last year but have never gone into it, as always too scared i'd brick it, and also wasn't sure what you actually gain from rooting it etc. But after reading through these forums it seems that faster speeds aswell better battery life can be achieved, and these would be very handy to me as i always seem to get to critical battery in my normal day.

Anyway before apps2sd was released in android update i was gonna root my desire for more space, but i didn't have to wait for long for it to be launcehed through my carrier, so that put a stop to me doing.

I've now managed to get hold of a N700 at a pretty decent price and feel that i might want to have a go at it, but i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing. Is it really difficult to do for a total programming noob? Is there much chance taht i can absolutely brick the tablet and not be able to recover it? Are the benefits of doing it really worth it? Can anyone who has done it, tell me how difficult it is and how much more useful it is since doing it?

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So did you do anything with it?



it got held up in post, i only got it today. All i've done is put launcher pro on it.

No one commented and i really am quite useless at this stuff

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