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New 32gb sd card not working - please help

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I have searched all over for an answer and notice there are multiple sd card queries, so apologies if I am annoying anyone.

I have Modaco custom R8 Rom and Kernel Version

Everything appears to work fine and I have no other known isues.

I initially tried to drag and drop the contents of my original card (4gb card supplied with Vega) after formating it normally on my laptop (right clicked on drive and clicked format). However this was not recognised by my Vega when I inserted it.

So then I simply formated it again as above and simply put it into my Vega. The Vega accepted it and installed its own files onto it, so I thought great!! However when I try to put music files onto the card either via USB or removing the card and manually installing via laptop by dragging and dropping into a media file/ music. The Vega either says damaged card or it says preparing card forever and nothing happens and when I try to access the card via iFileManager there is nothing there!!?

I have read about partitioning etc and a variety of tools to make the card more 'mount friendly' for the Vega but I am completely lost as a novice.

The 32gb card that I am trying to use is perfectly readable in the laptop and also works in my hd camcorder so I dont think it is a damaged or dodgy card. So am I doing something really wrong as a noob? I would be so grateful for any advice as I am demented and do not want to fork out for another card for no reason.

I really appreciate anyone taking the time to help me - remeember I am completely new to this and have no real 'programming knowledge' etc.

thanks again

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You're talking about a Vega on a Desire subforum.

You'll probably get more help on your own forum.

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