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Help - Need to restore my HTC DESIRE to Stock Rom

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I have a white HTC Desire. Only just purchased it second hand and it's playing up. Basically HTC Sense seems to be crashing all over the place.

After doing a couple of factory resets from the menu I still have the same problem.

I'm now thinking that maybe flashing it from a PC will be the best option. It's a UK version

The phone is unlocked and the details are

Android Version 2.2

Baseband Version 32.49.00_32U_5.11.05.27

Kernel Version [email protected]#1

Build Number 2.29.4905 5 CL293415 release keys

Software Number 2.29.405.5

Model Number HTC Desire A8181.

I'm aware that I could flash it with a custom rom but I prefer a stock rom to satisfy myself that the phone works correctly before embarking down that road at some future point.

Tried to see if I could download the software direct from HTC but can't seem to find it.

Had a look here but not sure which one to download.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Just a quick update.

Looks like something is wrong with the phone, a notification came up saying the sim had been changed when it was not.

Also keep getting radom htc sense problem messages so wil be sending the phone back.

Thanks EddyOS for your help

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